3 reasons to cooperate with Lepe Pasky

1) Modern equipment and technologies.
All our tapes are producing on the modern equipment with high quality standards. Our facility was renovated at 2012 according to the last technologies.

We are always looking for innovations at tape production and using them at our facility. Moreover we search for new high bond glues and their combination with different backing materials

If you want special form or size of the tape, you can always contact with us and we’ll make it. Also if you have special requirements for your project we can find best solutions.


Double sided tapes for manufacturing needs

Double sided tapes with high-bond acrylic glue that can be used for different manufacturing needs.


Double sided tapes for general usage

It is a variety of tapes that can be used in interior decoration, bonding of the plates, photos, decoration elements, etc.


Double sided removable tapes

Double sided tapes that can be removed from the surface without problems. It is important for temporally usage.

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